LS-2000 and EverSmart Benchmarks

The following images were scanned on a Nikon LS-2000 and a Scitex EverSmart Supreme as possible benchmarks.  Since both have more than adequate resolution, the intention was to display the effects of noise, D-max, and flare.   These images were  among the few that were exceptionally difficult for the LS-2000 to scan.

Original images shot on Kodachrome 64.  Images adjusted for contrast and color balance only.  Some spotting was done to remove dust.  Building images shown without sharpening.

Nikon LS-2000 (downsampled from 1500 dpi)

16x sampling effectively suppresses noise.

EverSmart (downsampled from 1500 dpi)

Below.  LS-2000 scan tonally adjusted to enhance flare

Below.  EverSmart scan tonally adjusted to enhance flare

Below.  Detail at original resolution



Below.  Tonally enhanced to display effects of flare.



Below.  Scanned on the LS-2000 60% USM applied.

Below.  Scanned on the EverSmart.  60% USM applied.