Downtown New York

This image was chosen because of its high contrast.

Downtown Manhattan as Scanned by LS-2000

The colors in the LS-2000 version are more saturated than the drum version.  The blue curve was brought down a bit to correct the "Kodachrome blues," characteristic of the LS-2000.

Detail images

Downtown Manhattan as Scanned by LS-2000 with SMask

Same as above but with an unsharp mask applied, as would normally be done to a picture for Web display.

Downtown Manhattan as Scanned by S3900

Even in this full-frame, down-sampled image the drum scanned version shows greater shadow detail and tonal range.  It appears sharper because of higher contrast.  Colors are more neutral--closer to the original.  This frame was originally scanned in CMYK and then converted to RGB color.  A 1 degree rotation was applied to correct a slight angle in scanning.

Detail images