Nikon Coolscan LS-2000

Nikon LS-2000 Scanner with SA-20

Media 35mm positive and negative film, APS
Illumination Condensed and diffused light
Light Source RGB LED array
Color Separation RGB line sequential
Maximum Resolution 2,700 dpi optical
2,592 pixel monochrome linear CCD
Imaging Optics 6 lenses in 4 groups
Maximum Optical Density 3.6
Maximum Bits/channel 12 (16 output)
Scanning Area 24.3 x 36.5 mm (2,592 x 3,894 pxels)
Aperture (35 mm) 23.4 x 35.4 mm
Control Software NikonScan 2.5
Color System sRGB, NTSC, Adobe RGB, CIE, Wide Gamut RGB, Wide Gamut RGB (compensated), Apple RGB, Color Match RGB, and Apple RGB (compensated).
Sampling Options 1x, 4x, 16x
Error Correction Digital ICE™