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FarView II is the latest version of FarView, a program which displays the images and figure meshes contained in Far files associated with Electronic Arts' The Sims.  It features enhanced search capabilities, dragging of objects, and plays WAV files.  For Windows 98.

Before registering FarView II please try it out and make sure that you are satisfied with it!
Installation Instructions

Register Your Copy of FarView II

Complete the registration process and you'll be able to use the optional features of FarView II.

1.  Enter your E-mail address:


2.  Enter registration name (this does not need to be same as the name on the charge card that will be used):



3.  Enter the PC ID given by FarView (File, Register.  It looks something like 12A5-6F87):


4.  Complete registration:

Pressing "Submit" will link to iBill* to pay by credit card.  The charge to register FarView will be $10 and will appear on your statement as a charge to iBill, not Marginal Software.  You will receive a temporary key upon approval of payment and a permanent key by E-mail later.

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* iBill is an independent billing agent for Marginal Software