Level2Curve reads a Photoshop Levels file (.ALV) and converts it to a Curves file (.ACV).  It enables the user to obtain a visual confirmation of the curve characteristics of levels settings.  It is intended to be used in conjunction with the histograms and curves tutorial.

Level2Curve for Windows (15 Mar 2002)

Ever wonder where you put those pictures of the wife and kids?  Do you have the sneaking suspicion that your computer thinks you look like Fido?  Do you have a gazillion duplicates of a picture that you want to delete, but don't know where they are?  PixALike can help you answer these important questions.  It'll tell you how much you resemble Fido, or even the Grand Canyon.  Simply give the program a sample picture and it'll go through your directories comparing the images.  The Demo program reads JPEG images.  Check back every so often, since I'm still fiddling with the evaluation routines.

PixALike -- Demo Version for Windows (2.1 MB, 30 May 2001)

One of the most difficult effects to render in an image editing program is the texture of human skin.  SkinTexture was written to address this in part by placing the "blotchy" pattern into a image file of skin.

SkinTexture for Windows (May 2003)

This is a sample initial settings file for scanning Kodachrome using NikonScan 2.5 running under Windows 98.

Sample NS Kodachrome Settings File

The Q-60 scans provide a benchmark for comparison for other LS-2000 users.

Kodak Q-60 Slide Scanned on LS-2000 without Adjustments -- approximately 1.3 mb.

Kodak Q-60 Slide Scanned on LS-2000 with Adjustments -- approximately 1.3 mb.

Do you often copy text from your browser into MS Word or Wordpad?  Then you've been bedeviled by the extra paragraph marker that gets added after every line.  ParaFix gets rid of single paragraph marks.

Paragraph Fixer Program  Updated June 2004

Transliterated Russian Language Keyboard Support for Windows XP and Windows 2000

These files provide keyboard support under Windows XP for Russian Cyrillic data entry.  They are meant for users trained with U.S.A. QWERTY or Dvorak touch-typing who are not inclined to train themselves for native Russian keyboards.

U.S. -- Transliterated Russian Keyboard, QWERTY Updated January 2005

U.S. -- Transliterated Russian Keyboard, Dvorak Updated January 2005

These files have not been tested for Windows 2000.

I'm open to comments concerning the keyboard mappings, which may be included in a future revision.

The Sims -- FarView II

FarView II is the latest version of FarView, a program which displays the images and figure descriptions in the Far files, associated with Electronic Arts' The Sims.  It features enhanced search capabilities, dragging of objects, and plays WAV files.  For Windows 98.

Download, and if you are satisfied, register your copy.

FarView II Program  May 2002, v2.0.0.

Register your copy of FarView II

Sims Actions Here are some actions extracted using FarView that you won't see in TheSims game.  Load them into the SimShow CMX directory.  Updated 5 April 2000.