The Nikon FH-869GR Film Holder

The FH-869GR film holder enables the correction of off-vertical images thus avoiding degrading the image through software interpolation.  It functions with both the LS-8000 and LS-9000.  The negative or transparency is kept flat by being sandwiched between glass frames mounted on the top and bottom lids.  The maximum rotation is approximately 6 in either direction.  It comes with masks for various 35mm and medium formats.

The image to be scanned is placed, emulsion side down, on top of the mask.  Because the normal warp of film is upwards, this means that contact is made with the top glass, which has an anti-Newton ring surface (it has a frosted appearance). 


The openings in the seven masks included with the FH-869GR carrier are

  24mm x 58mm*
  24 x 65
  56 x 56
  56 x 69
  56 x 76
  57 x 41
  57 x 82.5

* Remainder of opening must be masked if standard 24 x 35 frames are to be scanned.

Nikon FH-869GR film holder open without mask

Nikon FH-869GR film holder open with 6x6 mask

Nikon FH-869GR film holder closed with 6x6 mask


Under NikonScan 4.0, insertion of the FH-869GR automatically causes a reset of the exposure setting whether or not that option has been selected as a preview setting in the "Preferences" tab.