The American Express Office in Moscow

The office is on the Sadovoya Koltso Ring Road, to the left out of the picture. These roads must be at least 12 lanes wide and are scenes of pure anarchy. No sane person would attempt to cross one of these. Instead there are underpasses every few blocks.

American Express Moscow Office

The sign reads "Travel Office." I went here for the cash machine (just a step inside the door and on the wall to the left). It dispenses dollars. If you need rubles, you have to go to the cashier where the exchange must be duly recorded. Inside, it's a veritable fortress, as if Bonnie and Clyde are expected momentarily. Actually they would be considered pussycats compared to the Russian mafia. While researching for my trip, I was warned to watch for suspicious characters loitering outside, but I didn't see any. I guess they've since found worse things to do.

Customer parking? No problem. Like most other Moscow establishments it can't be any more convenient, just pull up on the sidewalk.