Lenin's Tomb

Tourists in Front of Lenin's Tomb

Question: who's buried in Lenin's Tomb.

Actually it's not such a joke. The corpse looks so waxen that there are constant rumors that it isn't Lenin's body. This may be academic, however, Boris Yeltsin wants to give him a decent burial and demolish the mausoleum.

Lenin's Tomb served as the stand from which all of the Soviet honchos would review their military might on May Day. Western intelligence agencies would then carefully analyze pictures of the reviewers to see who was present and where they stood in relation to each other and so divine the Soviet leadership hierarchy. Behind the tomb, next to the Kremlin Wall, are buried a pantheon of Soviet-era notables. Now, it all seems so placid and innocuous.

I would have paid anything to have had my picture taken with me standing on the balcony waving my arms. No dice.

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