Midtown Manhattan

This is an evening shot of Manhattan featuring a silhouette of the midtown skyline.  Viewed on a light table, almost the entire shadow area contains image detail, the reason for choosing this slide. 

Midtown Manhattan as Scanned by LS-2000


The colors in the LS-2000 version are much more saturated than the drum version.  The blue curve was brought down a bit in the dark areas to correct the "Kodachrome blues," characteristic of the LS-2000.

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Midtown Manhattan as Scanned by S3900

The drum scanned version shows greater shadow detail and tonal range.  Note the detail in the bright areas of the sky; and details of the Citicorp building, Pan Am sign, and Chrysler Building lights.  Colors are close to the original.  This frame was originally scanned in CMYK and then converted to RGB color.  A 1 degree rotation was applied to correct a slight angle in scanning.

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